2019 Content Marketing Trends to Look Out For: Glance Roundtable

2019 Content Marketing Trends: Glance Roundtable

It’s a new year, so you know what that means: Everyone wants to know what the hot trends are going to be this year! At Glance we decided to throw our hats into the ring and talk about some 2019 content marketing trends we see coming down the pipe.

Although digital marketing continues to evolve at a rapid pace, the tried-and-true methodology behind content marketing remain the same: Produce relevant content that answers the challenges your audience faces at each stage of their buying cycle, and it will help you attract, nurture and engage that audience.

But there’s still a lot of room to refine the tactics and formats used to get those messages out.

Is ABM Replacing Content Marketing?

Julie Ford: I remember having a conversation with Josh in early 2018 about whether or not content marketing is even a thing anymore. Has it been replaced by Account Based Marketing (ABM)? In my opinion, ABM is content marketing on a much more targeted and personalized level informed by data. And numerous case studies prove that it’s much more effective than more traditional content marketing strategies.

The days of blasting generic content to large lists of unfiltered prospects, scrambling to develop blog content that we think might resonate with our audience, and posting a ridiculous number of blogs each month for the sake of sticking to an arbitrary schedule are over (or they should be anyway).

This year, content marketing (or whatever we’re calling it now) is not about the quantity of content we produce, or the number of visits or views that content receives. At Uberflip’s CONEX 2018, Scott Stratten talked about how vanity metrics (like visits and views) make you feel great but they amount to nothing. They don’t matter if they don’t move the needle. I couldn’t agree more. 2019 is not about how popular your content is or how much you produce, its about how your content drives sales, revenue and business growth.

Don’t Hitch Your Wagon to Facebook

Josh Kern: I’m not going to lie, this might be more of a hope than anything else, but one 2019 trend I’m looking forward to seeing is companies (both B2B and B2C) moving away from social media as their primary publishing platforms, and leaning more into owning the channels on which they publish content and digital experiences.

Social’s general reputation has taken some big hits in the last year or two, and I think it behooves businesses not to hitch their content wagon to someone else’s post — especially when those posts have proven unstable and unreliable. Sure, they might produce those vanity metrics Julie mentioned, but what do those really mean? Are 500 likes from Facebook users who are never going to buy from you worth anything?

The modern marketing technology stack offers businesses more opportunities than ever to build memorable, interactive, personalized experiences using their own websites as the primary channel — the types of experiences that allow us to attract the right visitors, and to entice them opt-in for more. I think social channels will be better left as secondary channels and as campaign and content amplification tools.

Authenticity Above All

Mike Valenti: I’m not exactly sure if this can really be considered a trend and perhaps more of a guiding principle, but I would love to see authenticity and a values-driven backbone to more marketing plans in 2019.

In today’s ultra-competitive digital climate, brands need to represent themselves honestly and transparently through content, in the form of their social consciousness, innovation, showcasing their heritage, and customized attention that caters to their audiences’ values and beliefs.

Honesty and authenticity are ultimately the twin powers that attract the types of clients with whom you’ll actually want to work with and helps foster a positive connection with them.

Consumers now evaluate authenticity when deciding whether to trust a brand with their business, which highlights the importance of consumer trust in a brand during the decision-making process. Authenticity is becoming the new currency towards continued loyalty from audiences that are now spoiled with choice and convenience.

It also demonstrates the importance of how entrepreneurs and executives can provide incredible value via content by telling their stories, sharing unique insights and offeringthoughtful informationofwhat’s going on in their industry.

This wave of authentic content highlights how we collectively crave companies to just be reliable, respectful, relatable — and ultimately real!


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