6 Signs Your Content Marketing Needs A Fresh Perspective

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For businesses trying to make their mark in a competitive ecosystem where change is the new normal, content marketing can be a recurring challenge. Anyone can produce, but creating truly great content, which connects with the right audience at the right time while supporting organizational objectives, is no easy task. And sometimes when you’re operating in the trenches so closely to your content and marketing objectives, it can be really difficult to take a step back and see if what you’re doing is actually propelling your business forward.

If you find that you’re spinning your tires on marketing tactics, these might be the 6 warnings signs that you need a fresh perspective to wipe your lens clean.

  1. Your topics are getting stale 

If blogging and social media has become a chore, it may be time to get a fresh perspective. How many times have you thought of a great idea for a post for the company site only to realize you’ve exhausted all angles on it? Now psychology does back the idea that through repetition, you can drive home a point so it sticks with your audience, but there has to be an element of creativity as to how you continue to approach it.

Getting an outside look can help churn up fresh ideas and exciting new tactics on how to reinvigorate your existing audience base – while stimulating new ones. This frees you up for even more time to handle your core competencies that got you to where you are.

  1. Unique visitors are drying up 

Watching the unique visitor count on the company website dry up is brutal. It’s a long haul and a painstaking experience. There may have been attempts to reverse the trend with limited success.

The truth is there may be reasons visitors are not visiting at all or never again. An agency can help you pinpoint those shortfalls on your social media vehicles and why your content isn’t converting and come up with approaches to get you back on track.

  1. You’re unsure what the analytics are saying 

Analytics are the backbone to any healthy marketing strategy. And data needs to fuel your content. An outside look can help you interpret this information and use it to realign your goals with what the data is saying.

Content marketing specialists can connect the dots and turn data into new business. They can help you tame the data dragon and make you a master of your analytics. Analytics advocate Arthur C. Nielsen said it best, noting “the price of light is less than the cost of darkness.”

  1. Your content strategy is disconnected

You may already have a strategy in place for your content marketing, or you may just have trouble following through with tactical execution. The digital game moves fast, and having a 12-month content strategy might be too far of an outlook. It might help to have shorter goals in your calendar to build around, while remaining mindful of the long-term objectives.

  1. Your SEO needs a boost

Search engine optimization can do wonders for a company’s online presence – but the problem for most businesses is that they get lost sifting through all the garbage online about what tactics to use. To properly harness the power SEO and how it should strategically be infused throughout all pieces of content, you need a professional team with the track record who understands the topic in depth.

  1. Your audience doesn’t get/care about your content 

Audiences are complex creatures. It takes an experienced hand to fully understand them, including their wants, needs, challenges and visions. Marketers provide unique insights into an audience’s psychology that can translate into tangible business results.

Unlocking the psychology of targeting an audience is equal parts an art and science. You may be surprised by the sheer volume of information that can be attained about an audience, including digital habits, age and lifestyle and even how they consume content.

If your content is falling flat with your audience, it may be a sign you need an agency to start from scratch and build out buyer personas in depth and help you with the missing link.

These are just some of the reasons to seek outside help. You may have others. Whatever your needs are, an agency can assist you on the journey towards your goals.

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