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Productivity vs. procrastination - Glance Roundtable

Productivity vs. procrastination: Glance Roundtable

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Procrastination remains an ever-present foe, for pretty much everyone, in all walks of life. For professionals, particularly freelance or contract professionals, winning the fight against procrastination can make a big difference when it comes to the bottom line. Josh spotted the following tweet come across his timeline recently, and it spurred us to think about how…

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Glance Roundtable: Digital marketing first steps

Digital marketing first steps: Glance Roundtable

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Many of Glance’s clients are small, service-oriented businesses, like insurance brokers. Our initial conversations with these clients usually include tons of enthusiasm, as they’re eager to ramp up their digital marketing/content marketing efforts — which we love to see — but at at the same time, a certain amount of hesitation, usually because these small businesses don’t…

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