How to Easily Kick Off Your Social Media Strategy in 10 Steps

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With changing algorithms, evolving market conditions, changes in user behavior and dominant tech companies gobbling each other up, the social media landscape certainly moves at a frenetic pace. With a lot of information out there about what to do and what not to do on social media, we wanted to make sure you had a good starting point so that you can begin to build a sustainable online presence that accurately reflects your business.

Here are ten quick tips to help elevate your social media game from the get go.

1. Give your profile a makeover

Your profile for each social network should clearly identify you and the organization you represent. Your photos should present you in a professional manner, separating you from any personal accounts you might have.

Make sure the information on your profiles is up-to-date, and that it includes a direct way to contact you. Use clear, crisp and concise language to outline who you are, what you do, and where your audience can go for more information.

2. Choose your platforms wisely

Just because a platform exists, doesn’t mean you need to post there. We all know the behemoths of social media lie under Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Twitter, and most businesses should have a presence on each of these.

Regardless of which platforms you use, keep your brand consistent, but tailor your content to each one. LinkedIn, for example, is aimed at business and professional networking, so your posts should reflect that. Facebook is ideal for connecting with your audience on a personal or community-based level. Twitter is great for getting news out quickly, and for engaging directly with your clients. Once you get up and running with publishing original content, look to your analytics to see where your core audience is living and adjust accordingly.

3. Be strategic about when you post

Try to post at different times of the day, and see what response you get. Marketing is all about experimenting, so play around with different posting schedules and lean on your data to see where your engagement rates are profiting.

Social media doesn’t fit to just a 9-5 schedule, so don’t ignore nights and weekends, but remember – if you do post outside normal business hours for your market, you will need to have a plan in place to answer anyone who reaches out to contact you. Users expect a quick response, and you don’t want to leave them hanging.

4. Proofread your posts

Check what you write – carefully – for spelling, grammar, and overall clarity. Broken links, spelling errors and incorrect images will stick out like a sore thumb to your audience – and can cripple your credibility. Get a second set of eyes when you’re drafting the content and when you have it scheduled out so you aren’t left worrying on the weekend.

5. Stop the spam

Your audience is probably following you across multiple channels, so don’t post the exact same content to every platform. You can recycle older posts if the data suggests that it really hit home, but don’t blow up their feeds with the same posts with the same copy – it’s the quickest route to getting unsubscribed.

6. Be a good digital citizen  

The best way to see your metrics soar is to write inspiring and compelling copy that moves your audience. Be actively engaged with your network by thanking them for their comments, and jumping in on the conversation. Nothing is worse than applying a “set-it-and-forget it” approach to publishing content and completely neglecting those that engaged with you. Finally, if you’re sharing content on your own network, make sure you give credit to the original author. (Hint: cite your work!)

7. Give your audience what they want

People read your posts because they look to you as a leader in your field and are interested in absorbing your value. If everything you post is just an in-your-face sales pitch, you’ll lose their attention. That’s like expecting someone to watch a channel where they only play infomercials. Drop some knowledge on them or provide world-class entertainment that keeps them sticking around for more!

8. Let your personality shine

Social media is your opportunity to have a relationship with every potential client and customer. Posting original content in your own voice can go a long way to your digital life expectancy. People want to connect with other people, not just a faceless company – so personalize your content. You don’t necessarily have to go as far as what Wendy’s has been doing on Twitter, but they’ve humanized their platform that resonates on a unique level.

9. Provide excellent customer service  

People take to social media to provide reviews and feedback on you product or service offering. And this type of social proof is what people will look for during their buying process. By taking the time to respond to comments or complaints, you’ll be demonstrating to all your readers that you care about providing excellent service for all clients.

Remember, everything you post will represent who you are online. For example, if you’re receiving some unexpected backlash, it’s wise to take the high road and kill them with kindness, because getting into a chirping war won’t bode well for your brand or for users to come back.

10. Work smarter – not harder

A social media management tool can help prevent you from getting overwhelmed by all of your social media activities – and keep your messages consistent and timely. It’s a great way to “stay the course” and amplify your messages over time to build up your following. Once you have a process in place, managing your social presence can be an advantage in a crowded marketplace.

Sometimes having an outside perspective can help cleanse your social media lens and provide fresh ideas. Let’s connect and see how we can realign your social media activities to your business objectives.

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