How to stand out as a young professional

Regardless of whether it’s the new kid at school, or the green entrepreneur trying to make waves in a crowded market – convincing others of your worth is embedded in our evolutionary development. Marketing a product or a service is already challenging enough when you’re in the trenches of a competitive field, but it proves to be an increasingly demanding task for those whose entire livelihood lies within the success of their personal brand.

Here are four crucial steps young professionals can take to stand out in their field and attract clientele.

  1. Build Relationships

The importance of forming relationships in your field cannot go understated. Networking and genuinely connecting with people opens the door for opportunities that may have been previously non-existent, such as referrals to potential clients. To understand the value of networking, it’s helpful to view it as opening yourself up to the six degrees of separation. You not only become an ally with the person you have connected with, but you further have access to contacts within their personal circle as well. Make lasting impressions and get noticed by building bonds with others in your field. Remember, this is a two-way street – so it is imperative to demonstrate your value.

  1. Plug In

The evolving technological landscape solidifies a bridge for enabling connections with potential clients. In this digital age, it’s essential to focus on ways to leverage popular platforms such as LinkedIn, Google+, and Twitter, to reach audiences that could have remained previously untapped. Additionally, blogging is an advantageous business strategy that can garner SEO response, and give your business the opportunity to share expertise through its own distinct voice. Social media management tools streamline the flow of posts to multiple platforms, so you don’t have to worry about logging on numerous times a day to update your business’ Twitter account.

  1. Be Unique

The individuals who leave lasting impressions are often the ones who possess a unique spirit. Taking the time to develop your distinguished voice and marketing methods will be key to keeping you in a potential clients mind long after your initial encounter.

Andy Nemeth, Toronto car salesman turned realtor, knows the importance of harnessing creative techniques to attract clientele. Nemeth, whose headshot features him forgoing the standard suit and tie for a full hockey goalie uniform, writes on his website that he chose to depart from the automotive sales industry so he could switch to negotiating for his clients, instead of against them.

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The savvy businessman further chose to throw the classic realtor flyer model out the window. Rather than simply placing his photo next to one of a picturesque house he is selling, Nemeth takes artistic photos of Toronto and prints them off post-card style, featuring his contact details on the reverse side. Going this extra mile to differentiate from the pack has only garnered Nemeth increased attention – which is crucial for those working in a competitive field.

  1. Put in the Work

Bountiful success has never come easy to those who have accomplished their dreams. Whether you’re a personal trainer aiming to take on additional clients, or a young associate looking for a job opportunity at one of Toronto’s elite law firms, achieving your career ambitions takes dedication and commitment.

If you work in an office setting, be the first to arrive and the last to leave. (Remember, it’s about how much value you provided during that timeframe – not just the hours you logged) Initiative does not go unnoticed by employers and clients, plus – it’ll put you on their radar as an efficient workhorse. Simply hoping for success will fail to yield results. You must possess the self-discipline and right attitude in order to make it to the top of your field!

In highly competitive industries, having a strong personal brand is imperative for those looking to bring their business to the big leagues. Although, it does take time for your goals to evolve, truly exerting the effort to develop yourself as an invaluable commodity will have unbounded effects on the realization of your vision.

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