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I had very little idea of what to expect when I walked in the doors of Glance Marketing for the first day of my summer internship. Whenever you start a new role, even a temporary one, there is always some natural hesitation about whether you’ll fit in and be successful.

At Glance, it’s difficult to not enjoy what you’re doing and who you’re doing it with.

This is an agency that draws the best out of people. It makes individual success possible which, in turn, causes a ripple of team success. Maxim

This can be attributed to a Glance Marketing staff that is welcoming, professional and accommodating. They are consistent, treating both clients and employees with respect. I wasn’t treated like an intern running coffee. I was allowed to work on real client projects, making a genuine contribution with my existing skillsit.

This trust allowed me to thrive and it’s why the agency has thrived. Glance embodies a culture of trust. It doesn’t feel like a stuffy corporate office. It’s an environment that is geared towards creativity, independence and collaboration.

I also learned a valuable lesson:

Marketing and public relations are not very different.

I came from the world of public relations but, at the risk of offending any purists in either camp, I feel that these fields are complimentary. They are more like tools in a communicator’s toolbelt. In communications, we are trying to say what matters to who matters. This is true regardless of whether you’re using Facebook ads, earned media stories or email marketing.

I realized that analytics matter a lot. If I want to achieve success in this industry, I have to embrace analytics with a full bear hug. When clients have to account for every dollar spent, analytics make the difference between having a client and losing one.

Culture matters too. Clients come to marketing or PR agencies for creative insights, outsider perspectives and a toolkit that they don’t have. The lesson of Glance is that you CAN build an agency from scratch, scale it and create a positive workplace culture. The key is taking on clients you believe in, being honest with them and working hard because you love the attempt.

These are values and lessons I will carry with me in my final year of school at Humber College’s bachelor of public relations program and into my career.

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