About Glance

Your complete digital marketing team driven by a passion for content creation.

Glance Marketing is a full service digital marketing agency with a strong focus on content and social media.

In a fast-moving world teeming with possibilities, we help our clients focus on marketing that matters. Driven by creativity, agility and collaboration, we understand our client’s goals, explore different opportunities and pull the right levers to achieve success. Our growth has been fueled by trusted relationships with clients in a variety of industries.

Glance Marketing is a boutique marketing company located in Toronto’s trendy King West neighborhood founded in 2013. We deliver customized content marketing programs that consistently get our clients engaged with their audiences, which leads to new sales leads and customers.

Our clients trust us to build and manage rich content calendars (including blog posts, whitepapers, ebooks, articles, social media posts, etc.) that align with their specific goals and needs and attract qualified audiences to their web properties.

Our diverse client-base spans a range of industries including automotive, technology, law, recruiting and healthcare.

Meet the Team

Julie Ford


Julie Ford is the founder and principal consultant at Glance Marketing, a full-service marketing agency in downtown Toronto. Since launching Glance in 2013, Julie and the Glance team have been making effective marketing services accessible to companies that want to grow but don’t have the marketing skills or expertise to do so.

Glance works with clients in a range of industries including insurance and finance, technology, law, health, real estate development and more. Notable clients and campaigns include Tridel, Livingston, Henry’s, SickKids and Locker Room Doctor.

Julie has been in marketing since the early days of digital, email and social media marketing and has seen these strategies grow and evolve. In addition to leading Glance, Julie is also the Head of Marketing at an established technology company in the hospitality industry where she and her team market throughout the entire customer journey from awareness to advocacy.

Josh Kern

Managing Director

Like many content marketers today, I started out in journalism before crossing over to the marketing side. That led to copywriting, which naturally evolved into content marketing. With a decade of B2B writing experience under my belt, I then moved into management and discovered a passion for relationship management, team leadership and mentoring young marketers.

Prior to joining Glance I led the content marketing team at Brainrider, a Toronto-based agency focused on B2B pipeline marketing. Before that, I managed the content marketing efforts at Livingston international, where I was also responsible for managing the organization’s sales enablement initiatives.

After spending 15 years on the B2B side, I've also recently dipped my toes into the B2C/entertainment side, working as the social media voice of the Shaftesbury Productions/CBC television program Frankie Drake Mysteries and as an editor at SB Nation's Toronto Raptors blog, RaptorsHQ.

Mike Valenti

Director of Marketing

My journey across this vast media landscape is the furthest thing from a cookie cutter path, but the cumulative adventures and skills I’ve absorbed have made the experience absolutely unreal.

Without giving the full life story here: I started out post-University by collaborating with independent production companies, which led me to interning at the NHL Network and subsequently to writing and acting on an award-winning Toronto television show. That launched me to a different kind of studio up in beautiful Muskoka, Ontario where I hosted and produced a live radio show. I ended up getting a post-graduate degree in Public Relations, which transitioned to working in content marketing with Leonardo and eventually set the stage for my tenure at Glance Marketing.

I live for backcountry skiing and hockey, I love classic rock, meditation is a good friend and my passion for creative content continues to grow.

Laura Kirk

Graphic Designer

Born with the creative juices already flowing, I always knew I had a deep love for the arts. My childhood can be summed up by my constant exploration of everything within the realm of creative design. And the St. Clair Centre for the Arts helped nurture my craft and reemphasize the passion.

Quality caffeine, good music and great friends fuel my daily life.

Alexandria Anderson

Content Specialist

Corporate Communications Specialist by day and freelance writer by night. I'm passionate about writing, inspiring people and exceeding business objectives. I specialize in strategic planning, corporate social responsibility, digital communications, copywriting and copyediting, social media and blog design.

When I’m not writing, I’m reading, or daydreaming about my next entrepreneurial pursuit.

I have a post-graduate certificate in Public Relations and Corporate Communications from Seneca College and a MA in History from York University. 

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