The Art to Working Remotely

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It’s an invigorating feeling to experience life outside of your comfort zone – which is no wonder why this new generation of workers demands a more flexible model for where and how they get their work done.

With that being said – skiing is my jam. My instagram feed is dripping with Western mountain ranges and GoPro videos of the top free skiers destroying fresh powder lines. So naturally, I’m always scheming on how to escape the slushy city winters for the slopes.

I was fortunate to have dabbled in living the laptop lifestyle earlier this year – and here’s what I learned while working from a different time zone and from 9,000 feet above sea level.

It all comes down to trust

“If you don’t trust your employees to work remotely, you shouldn’t have hired them in the first place.”

Do you trust your team to get work done when you aren’t around?

As an employee, having that kind of autonomy is very empowering, but it can also be very delicate important not to take for granted.

With Millennial workers set to reshape how the modern workforce is wired, they’re not only influencing the way they work – but where and how they operate too, which is a challenge for many organizations to adapt to.

Having a positive work environment

The obsession over the open concept workplace in the startup world has actually had a counterintuitive effect on workers. According to The New Yorker, the repercussions of open offices remove an element of control whereas a sense of privacy actually boosts job performance.

Working remotely gives a wave of freedom and flexibility to customize your work around your passions – and not the other way around. Now while you have been granted this escape from the traditional 9-5, there’s still a lot of responsibility that comes with operating in these unchartered waters.

Master the 3 P’s to Become a Wanderlust Worker  

  1. Be Proactive

Working away from work requires discipline. If you’re in a ski town, where the social temptations linger everywhere, it’s important to constantly plan and work ahead to allow yourself that freedom. Look ahead into next week and set clear goals and expectations for yourself, offer support and assistance to your team and show you care about them. Schedule check ins, plan video conferencing times to connect through the week to review goals, progress on projects, creative brainstorming – or to just fill them in on the insane footage you took skiing through the trees.

  1. Be Personal

“Communication is both the biggest obstacle and the solution to developing trust within remote teams.”

Operating two hours behind in the Mountain Time zone meant that I had to let my team know when I would be available to connect and when my tasks would be completed. Especially when I was planning to dip out into the backcountry, toss the phone on airplane mode and get off the grid for a bit.

This meant getting up early to work, responding to Slack messages on the chairlift and taking a pass on the Après Ski patio sessions to crack open the laptop. There needs to be clarity and communication in order to make the long-distance thing work, so that means reaching out and connecting about non-business related items.

It’s important to recreate what a day-to-day conversation would be like if you weren’t 3,000 miles away.

  1. Be Productive

What’s the number one rule of working remotely? Get your work done!

The quickest way to dissolve all trust as a remote worker is to fall behind on your tasks and let your employer second guess why they green lit your trip. Think of it as a way to prove people wrong, imaginary people even – act like you have a chip on your shoulder for people telling you that you can’t do it – and go above and beyond to deliver your value.

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