The lowdown on Facebook’s recent changes

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If you’re using Facebook to market your business then tune in. Things are changing (again)! We’ve got the lowdown on what’s going on with Facebook and how recent changes impact your business.

1. A more personalized News Feed

Facebook is constantly updating their News Feed algorithm and that’s not going to change anytime soon. Not until Facebook achieves CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s ultimate goal to provide every user with a perfectly personalized digital newspaper. If you were to compare today’s Facebook News Feed to what it was one year ago you would see it’s vastly different and much more personalized.

2.  Less spam

Facebook is officially cracking down on spam. The company has publicly promised to reduce spam stories which includes “Like-baiting” stories, frequently circulated content and spammy links. Businesses that publish “spam” on their pages are at risk of being de-emphasised by Facebook.

Tip: Post only relevant, fresh content and legitimate links.

3. Auto-play videos

Videos that you post on your Facebook page will automatically begin to play once they are on the viewer’s screen. Now your fans don’t even have to click in order to watch your videos, which means you get more views and more opportunities to capture your customers’ attention.

Tip: Post more videos like short clips of new products, tours of your store or office, or interviews with your staff – it’s easy to do using your smartphone.

4. Larger photos

Now you can post larger photos to your Facebook page. Just like the auto-play video feature, it’s an opportunity to capture and engage your audience.

Tip: You don’t need a professional photographer to take great photos for Facebook, simply use your smartphone and post the best, most interesting ones.

Making a few small simple and easy changes to the way you market your yard according to these updates to Facebook and Google could make a big difference to your business.

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