Think you don’t have time for marketing? Think again.

I know that digital marketing can be overwhelming. When it comes to digital marketing ideas and options, it’s like standing in the peanut butter aisle in an American grocery store. There are about a million different options and flavours.

There’s good old creamy peanut butter. It’s popular and predictable because you know what to expect because you’ve been eating it for years. It’s a lot like the commonly used marketing tactics by benefits advisors (Websites, LinkedIn, email, Facebook, etc.).

But what about those new, different flavors? There are some pretty bizarre ones, like Spicy Thai, Mighty Maple and Espresso Nib. You see them on the shelf, but you’re hesitant. What if I pay the premium for the trendy new flavor and don’t like it?

You might ask the same about investing in one of the less commonly used marketing tactics like webinars, digital ads, infographics, video or chatbots.

If you go with the safe choice you choose the creamy peanut butter. By doing so, you’re missing an opportunity to experience a flavour that could be absolutely fantastic. By not trying the cinnamon raisin swirl of marketing tactics, you’ll never know what it could have done for you and your business.

I’m not suggesting that marketing tactics like websites or LinkedIn aren’t relevant or valuable (in fact, they set the foundation for a strong digital presence), nor am I suggesting that you try five new, trendy marketing tactics all at the same time. Instead, I would like to challenge you to choose one marketing tactic that you haven’t used yet and try it this year. You might be surprised by what happens.

If only I had time…

You might be thinking, “That’s all great, but I can’t find time to keep up with marketing.” When you’re busy with your business, adding marketing as another thing to do can be a challenge.

As I reflect on this, I think of how we find time for what we deem priorities in our lives. We find time for people, not things, so it doesn’t surprise me that finding time for marketing is a struggle. In order to make time for marketing we need to think about it differently.

Marketing is about connecting with people. No matter what you’re marketing, you’re marketing to humans. They might be sitting behind a computer, or on their phone, but people are still the ones who are consuming your message, interacting with your brand and connecting with you.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Can I find time to…
    • share my knowledge and educate people?
    • connect with and express appreciation for my clients?
    • reach and engage more people who may benefit from my services and expertise?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then you have just found time for marketing.

When you shift your mindset from “doing marketing” to sharing knowledge, connecting, reaching and engaging, it becomes a lot less daunting and a regular part of your day.

I hope you’ve been inspired are thinking differently about marketing.

I challenge you to do one thing. Start small, gauge what happens and then go from there. Step out of your comfort zone because that’s where the magic happens.

If you need someone to hold you accountable and keep you on track talk to us about our personal marketing coaching sessions.


About Julie Ford

Julie founded and leads Glance Marketing in downtown Toronto and has been a content marketer for more than 10 years.

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