Why no one is registering for your webinar

“Why are we getting zero registrations for our webinar?”

Nine painstaking words that I’m sure every marketing team has had to deal with at some point in time, despite the ongoing counsel they’ve provided to their client. As the digital sphere becomes clouded by the day with information overload, folks are looking to webinars for an interactive, authentic and intimate look into what your product or service can offer to address their pain points. Webinars have evolved as an essential tool in the arsenal of all B2B marketing teams, especially when they have a clogged pipeline of more sales-ready prospects.

Why are webinars so valuable?

Webinars are extremely powerful for drawing in and keeping in touch with prospects. They showcase your brand’s expertise in your industry and give your company a human voice, literally. – Forbes

Before we dive into why your webinar registration page is shooting blanks, let’s peel it back a layer and look at why webinars are so widely popular and the unbridled power they hold.

Webinars are used to share valuable information while showcasing your company as an industry leader. They’re extremely effective when the audience is familiar with your company and product, and the value of the information you present is enhanced by a live presentation. If you plan your webinar carefully, it will help generate new leads for your company and can even ignite your sales cycle. When you don’t take the time to plan them properly, you won’t receive nearly the amount of traction that you were anticipating.

With all that being said – let’s take a closer look at why your webinar promotion is batting a whopping .000 average at the plate. So instead of sending it to single-A ball, let’s bring the conditioning coach in to keep the idea in the majors with these 4 primary reasons you’re striking out.

  1. Your landing page is weak

Landing pages are gateway portals into your educational offer, so if it isn’t enticing enough, how can you expect people to click through? That’s like going to an open house where there isn’t a drop of furniture or home décor – people usually don’t go running for their checkbooks.

You can’t expect someone to think that you are a thought leader in your industry if your landing page does not engage them whatsoever. You have to create an environment that your prospect is eager to join and learn what you have to say about the topics at hand.

In order to create the ultimate landing page, consider the following:

  • Craft an engaging headline – keep it short and specific to the topic you’ll be discussing
  • Use vibrant, high-resolution and relevant imagery
  • Clearly state the benefits or lessons your attendee will receive
  • Don’t ask for too much information on the form
  • Keep it concise. Short, sweet and powerful is better than staring at a dissertation

Consider creating a topic and headline that has phenomenal search power and potential. For example: Instead of “Learn about SEO,” how about – “The lies, secrets and myths to navigating the new SEO.” 

  1. Your webinar is too promotional or product focused 

Why should I care?

When you peel back all the layers to your marketing strategy, all that you’re left with is the million-dollar question of the average consumer staring back at you asking, “why should I care?”

Now when you flip it and view this from the perspective of any business owner, you understand that this product or service they offer is near and dear to their heart, and they want everyone to know it.

Of course you want to promote your product, and that’s the whole point – but leave this message for the end and don’t make it the main gist of your presentation. Instead, focus on positioning your brand as the experts on a specific topic and your team as the people with all the answers. – Drew Hendricks, Forbes Contributor.

Don’t make this all about you – make it about your audience and the challenges they’re struggling with. Which is the entire reason they’re joining your webinar – because what you offer can help alleviate their problems. Not because they’ve watched everything on HBO and are waiting for the new lineup to be unveiled and need something to pass the time.

  1. There’s a lack of awareness

Webinars need to be methodically planned out and well engrained within your marketing strategy months in advance. This means looking deep into your calendar and working backwards. Expecting people to sign up for a webinar in under 2 weeks time is like announcing a movie premiere the day of.

If there is no word of your webinar existing, then how do you expect any sort of attendance?

  • Feature a listing of upcoming webinars on the homepage of your website
  • Create an email campaign around it
  • Draft a blog
  • Promote on your social media vehicles
  • Reach out directly to more qualified sales leads and personalize your message
  • Include your webinar topics in your monthly newsletters
  1. You’re all over the place

There has to be a road map set in place on how you will introduce the topic and how you will flow through the points. The golden rule of public speaking is to tell your audience exactly what you’re going to say, then say what you just outlined and then follow up with what you just said. This is an easy structure to follow and helps you figure out what type of genuine value you’re offering your audience and if you’re teaching them something at all.

Too often we see webinar decks overloaded with information, filled to the brim with content. Keep it short and to the point – you don’t want it to see overwhelming. You also need to consider who your speaker is. Just because they’re the CTO, does not mean they will be able to effectively articulate a message when broadcasting live. Also consider bringing in guest speakers that are industry experts to help add credibility and experience to your subject – along with extending your reach.

Webinars are still a powerful method to deliver mid-funnel focused content to prospective buyers – when done correctly. The problem is companies get too trigger-happy and want the event to be all about them. Make it about your audience. If you’re stuck in molasses trying to figure out how to inject some new life into your content – check out our eBook, The Culture of Content: 6 Simple Ways to Reignite your Brands’ Digital Presence for impactful ideas.


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